Part II: Making your costume

Step 2: Learning how to make your own costume that will resemble the character you are portraying.

You can either make your own costume from scratch or have others do it for you. You have to think about pricing, timing and the risks. Nevertheless, bought costumes and finding clothes in your closet is a great way to start it off. Once you’ve decided on what character you’re going to cosplay, you need to sketch it down to figure out what the costume measurements should be in order to know what materials you are going to be using for this project. In addition, looking up reference pictures of the character from different angles will help you understand how the items of the costume were put together so it will be easy for you to write down a list of every little detail from top to bottom. If you’re aiming to create a cosplay armor, you will definitely need to educate yourself in crafting and finding the right tools for it. Cosplayers often use fiberglass, worbla, craft foam and other materials in order to present the look and the composition of a cosplay precisely.


This is an example of sewing your cosplay.

This is another example of making a cosplay armor.

Personally, I prefer making my own costume because it’s much cheaper and I can have control on its’ outcome. Buying a costume is faster, but you never know if you’re going to receive the same costume that’s displayed in the website that you’re buying from. So it’s better to stay on the safe-side.


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