Part III: The time and money you spend on a costume

The price of a cosplay depends on the character you choose. You can practically determine how much money you will spend just by looking at the cosplay itself, in terms of how much material it’s going to need, if you need to purchase a wig, whether it’s a simple costume or needs a lot of details. If you are considering in ordering a costume, you must think about the expenses and the shipping, which can sometimes be costly. If you are capable of sewing, or have someone sew it for you then you can spare some cash. In my opinion, choosing your costume ahead of time is always a wise thing to do as it allows you to keep your costs low. Moreover, you can benefit from the amount of time you have in order to spare some cash and spend it gradually. For example, buying the materials the first month, and then buying the wig the second month. Therefore, you need to give yourself enough time so you can have it perfectly made, which is better than having something that is unfinished.

Cosplayers managing their time and budget on the costume they’re creating.


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