Part IV: Assembling the pieces

Step 4: Putting it all together and presenting yourself in front of people.

There are numerous approaches to bring character’s to life, for instance, wigs, contact lenses and make-up. You need to study your character’s face and eye shape as well as their hair color. Sometimes cosplayer’s use their own hair when cosplaying the character, but it is preferable to use a wig. There are several make-up tutorials on YouTube, which can definitely help you out with changing the shape of your face with make-up. Thus, practicing and testing it beforehand is important because if there are any mistakes, you can have the time to fix it. When it comes to presentation, you will need to study the poses of the character and how they move so you can act like them. After you’re satisfied with the final look, you can now present yourself in front of people, which means attending conventions and exhibitions related to cosplay. When you’re done with the final look, I suggest you take a picture and post it online where people can comment. Through their comments, you can learn if there are any mistakes in your cosplay, which you can fix before heading to conventions.

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