Part V: Joining contests

Step 5: Joining cosplay contests and doing a good performance that will make you win rewards.

Surely competitions can be challenging, especially when it comes to performing on stage, yet they are a way to boost up your confidence and make sure that you do your best. There are two types of cosplay contests; the first one would be “masquerades,” which doesn’t have many requirements as you only show up on stage, strike a pose and you are done. The second type would be contests with good performance and craftsmanship. It’s necessary to check the contest rules before signing up, as you will be judged on the quality of your craftsmanship, similarity of the character, complication on your project and your performance. Every judge likes something other than what’s expected, as well as the audience. In my opinion, try to be creative and come up with an original concept for the show and performance you’re making so you can easily win first place. Generally, try to be unique, amusing, entertaining, and tell a story on stage so you can win a prize!

Here’s a cosplayer who won first place in a competition.




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