Part V: Joining contests

Step 5: Joining cosplay contests and doing a good performance that will make you win rewards.

Surely competitions can be challenging, especially when it comes to performing on stage, yet they are a way to boost up your confidence and make sure that you do your best. There are two types of cosplay contests; the first one would be “masquerades,” which doesn’t have many requirements as you only show up on stage, strike a pose and you are done. The second type would be contests with good performance and craftsmanship. It’s necessary to check the contest rules before signing up, as you will be judged on the quality of your craftsmanship, similarity of the character, complication on your project and your performance. Every judge likes something other than what’s expected, as well as the audience. In my opinion, try to be creative and come up with an original concept for the show and performance you’re making so you can easily win first place. Generally, try to be unique, amusing, entertaining, and tell a story on stage so you can win a prize!

Here’s a cosplayer who won first place in a competition.




Part IV: Assembling the pieces

Step 4: Putting it all together and presenting yourself in front of people.

There are numerous approaches to bring character’s to life, for instance, wigs, contact lenses and make-up. You need to study your character’s face and eye shape as well as their hair color. Sometimes cosplayer’s use their own hair when cosplaying the character, but it is preferable to use a wig. There are several make-up tutorials on YouTube, which can definitely help you out with changing the shape of your face with make-up. Thus, practicing and testing it beforehand is important because if there are any mistakes, you can have the time to fix it. When it comes to presentation, you will need to study the poses of the character and how they move so you can act like them. After you’re satisfied with the final look, you can now present yourself in front of people, which means attending conventions and exhibitions related to cosplay. When you’re done with the final look, I suggest you take a picture and post it online where people can comment. Through their comments, you can learn if there are any mistakes in your cosplay, which you can fix before heading to conventions.

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Part III: The time and money you spend on a costume

The price of a cosplay depends on the character you choose. You can practically determine how much money you will spend just by looking at the cosplay itself, in terms of how much material it’s going to need, if you need to purchase a wig, whether it’s a simple costume or needs a lot of details. If you are considering in ordering a costume, you must think about the expenses and the shipping, which can sometimes be costly. If you are capable of sewing, or have someone sew it for you then you can spare some cash. In my opinion, choosing your costume ahead of time is always a wise thing to do as it allows you to keep your costs low. Moreover, you can benefit from the amount of time you have in order to spare some cash and spend it gradually. For example, buying the materials the first month, and then buying the wig the second month. Therefore, you need to give yourself enough time so you can have it perfectly made, which is better than having something that is unfinished.

Cosplayers managing their time and budget on the costume they’re creating.

Part II: Making your costume

Step 2: Learning how to make your own costume that will resemble the character you are portraying.

You can either make your own costume from scratch or have others do it for you. You have to think about pricing, timing and the risks. Nevertheless, bought costumes and finding clothes in your closet is a great way to start it off. Once you’ve decided on what character you’re going to cosplay, you need to sketch it down to figure out what the costume measurements should be in order to know what materials you are going to be using for this project. In addition, looking up reference pictures of the character from different angles will help you understand how the items of the costume were put together so it will be easy for you to write down a list of every little detail from top to bottom. If you’re aiming to create a cosplay armor, you will definitely need to educate yourself in crafting and finding the right tools for it. Cosplayers often use fiberglass, worbla, craft foam and other materials in order to present the look and the composition of a cosplay precisely.


This is an example of sewing your cosplay.

This is another example of making a cosplay armor.

Personally, I prefer making my own costume because it’s much cheaper and I can have control on its’ outcome. Buying a costume is faster, but you never know if you’re going to receive the same costume that’s displayed in the website that you’re buying from. So it’s better to stay on the safe-side.

Part I: How to become a cosplayer

The word cosplay is a combination of “costume” and “role-play.” It’s a form of art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes to impersonate and represent their favorite character or any character in particular. It can be characters from anime, manga, comic books, cartoons, video games and movies. Cosplaying is easy once you get the hang of it, but it requires effort and can be time-consuming. If you’re interested in pursuing this hobby, there are a few steps you should follow in order to create a good costume and become a good cosplayer.

Step 1: Choosing a character that would suit you.

When it comes to picking a character, you need to find one that is close to your facial features and appearance so you can look exactly like the character you’re cosplaying, or you can just cosplay a character that you like. One of the most helpful ways of doing so is keeping a list of characters you would love to cosplay whenever you watch TV or read a book. You can browse the Internet for ideas so you can get inspired and motivated by others.

Here are the different types of face shapes.
You can also manipulate your face using make-up and contact lenses.

I suggest that you download an app called “Cosplans.” I always use it whenever I come up with a new idea of what to cosplay. The app allows you to post pictures of your progress, the things you need to get and interact with other cosplayers just in case you have questions or need any help.